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Art therapy can be used for a variety of issues.  Are you grieving?  Are you finding it difficult to get out of bed or do your daily tasks?  Are you feeling stuck or in a rut with your current situation or relationship?  Do you have past or current traumatic situations that affect your daily life?  Are you stressed or frazzled with your current situation?  Are you tired of "talk" therapy and want to try something new?  Are you feeling stuck in your current therapy and want a boost of something different?  

Art therapy can be a powerful but gentle therapeutic media to work in and can help individuals to come to a deeper understanding of themselves and their lives.  It can prove a particular helpful way of working therapeutically for those who find it hard to express feelings or thoughts verbally.  It is not only for people experiencing emotional difficulty, but also for those who want to heighten creativity or enrich their life.  

We see our purpose as a facilitator or guide of individual and group expression through art with clients of all ages with all levels of functioning.  Creative opportunities are provided that integrate education, mentoring, and therapy. Art therapy can be used to help people reach their fullest potential.


Art Therapy is not just for children!! It is great for adults too!


We will often have ongoing groups or classes for people who want to try art therapy. Check our facebook page for updates. 

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How does it work?

We usually start with talking and then something in our discussion provokes a image that we explore in an art medium.

How do I get started?

Majica & Laurie are also art therapists. Click to book with either of them.