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Reignite Your Love in a Weekend:

Transform Your Relationship with EFT Intensives


Jump start your connection. Intensive weekends are like doing 3 months of therapy in 3 days! 

Are you in search of effective couples therapy that delivers lasting results? Do you find yourself weary of trying without experiencing the deep, lasting connection you long for? It's time to stop postponing the love you both deserve and truly feel each other's affection. With our EFT intensives, you can rekindle your love, revive your connection, and transform your relationship in just one weekend. Discover the power of Emotional Focused Therapy and experience the love you've always wanted.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, not knowing where
to turn for the help you need?

With so many therapy options out there, it's easy to get lost in the sea of choices. Therapy is an investment, and you certainly don't want to waste your time and money on something that doesn't work. The conflicting opinions and overwhelming options can leave you feeling stuck, even as your relationship struggles deepen. You crave that profound sense of being loved and desired, a universal longing. But to truly break through, you need to trust someone deeply. That's where intensives come in.

There is a distinct process to dismantle the barriers that obstruct the path to love and connection. Majica has an unwavering dedication and extensive training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, which sets her apart from other therapists. With the private intensive format, you are provided with the tools and support needed to make remarkable progress in less time. It's time to overcome the obstacles and rediscover the love and connection you've been missing.

Three Easy Steps to Book an Intensive


Start with an Inquiry:


Kickstart your transformative journey by initiating contact with Majica. Whether you are certain or still have questions, don't fret, we can answer those in the free consultation. 


Schedule a 20 min Video Consultation:


Secure a spot for a free consultation with Majica Alba, LMFT. This consultation holds incredible value for you and your partner. Listening to each other's hopes for the intensive is the first step towards gaining the clarity necessary to nurture safety and connection.


Ready for Transformation:


Once you, your partner, and Majica decide that an intensive is the right path forward, you'll work out the details during the consultation. Majica will guide you through the paperwork and logistics, ensuring you're well-prepared for the intensive.

Where Grounding Begins, Transformation Unfolds


Using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), I offer specialized sessions aimed at nurturing and healing connections across diverse relationships. Whether it's romantic partners navigating complexities, friends striving to understand each other better, parent-child dynamics seeking clarity, or those in alternative relationship structures like polyamory and ethical non-monogamy, my approach is about delving deeper, fostering understanding, and rejuvenating the very core of your bond.

In addition to being a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC#45502), I'm also a Registered Art Therapist, Certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy and Research. My work also extends to teaching 5Rhythms® movement, combining a diverse spectrum of approaches to cater to your unique needs and foster deeper connections.

​​Show Up with Vulnerability

I understand that showing up is more than just a physical presence; it's about arriving with honesty. Your intensive is a space for you to bring your thoughts and feelings, unfiltered. I am here to support you in organizing, making sense of, and creating opportunities for connection. Your vulnerability is your strength, and together, I'll help you build a stronger, more connected relationship.


This EFT intensive experience extends from Friday to Sunday, with the flexibility to tailor daily sessions spanning 6-7 hours, adjusted to your preferences with prior notice. Typically, our schedule follows Friday (9 AM - 3 PM), Saturday (9 AM - 3 PM), and Sunday (1 PM - 7 PM), but finding weekends that work best for everyone is part of the personalized approach offered. Please note that the intensives are not booked less than 4 weeks in advance to ensure thorough preparation and dedication to your journey. The cost for this weekend intensive is $4,800, with Majica Alba, LMFT, ATR reserving her entire day for your transformation. To secure your spot, a non-refundable deposit of $2,400 is required.

Ready to Reconnect?

Are you ready to embark on a weekend of profound transformation in your relationship? Secure your spot for the EFT intensive and unlock the love and connection you've been longing for.

Contact Majica Alba, LMFT, ATR, today to start your journey.

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