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Crew Opportunities

Looking for a way to be more community-connected?

Intrigued with the concept of holding space?

Perhaps a sure-fire way to boost your commitment to practice….

Would a bit of financial boost make classes and workshops more feasible?

Do you have an artistic inclination seeking expression?

Being in service is a beautiful thing in and of itself….and it is a natural gateway to community involvement and holding space, commitment to practice, financial assistance and possibly even artistry!

Email Majica, if you want to be more involved.

Crew is an opportunity to learn how to hold space for all participants as you grow your own capacity to orient, register and welcome students at the front desk. You also learn the nitty gritty of set up and break down.

  1. Sunday Sweat Your Prayers Crew: two crew arrive 9:30, leave by 12:30. Get in free for your morning of service and have discounted entry for as long as you are on Sunday crew.

  2. Wednesday Waves Crew: one crew arrives by 6:00, leave by 9:00. Receive free entry.

  3. Workshop Crew: two-four crew come early, help during and stay late. Half off the early bird tuition.

  4. Visual Installation Artist: Creating a visual representation of the embodied practice territory we are covering Wednesday, Sunday and workshop days can range from quite simple and elegant to full on complicated. It evolves from conversation between teacher and artist. Sundays are via rotation; sign up in advance; free entry for that day. Wednesdays are by the same artist for the whole quarter; half off tuition. Workshops are done by one artist per workshop; half off tuition.

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