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“An intimate sliver of the poetic landscape at the root and heart of our practice.” Lorca Simons

The spirit may be willing but the flesh and voice are sometimes tongue-tied. Yet the spirit longs to break the silence and speak from the deepest Live Wire place within us.

What words express your current state of being? How does the voice move within the shapes of the body? How do those physical shapes breathe? In this lab we will create a stage for the spirit within to manifest.

Theatrical. Articulate.

An embodied language that expands our creative potential and opens the door of those voices within, articulating all our bodies have to offer.

Live Wire is an embodied ritual theatre investigation, grounded in the movement maps of 5Rhythms®, devoted to the shapeshifting nature of physical art, and guided by the vision of Lorca Simons and Gabrielle Roth. Designed to inspire, refresh, re-set and connect. Our time will include movement, creative excavations, collective truth-telling and beauty-making.

All are welcome to join. No prior dance or 5Rhythms experience is necessary.

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Lorca Simons is a certified 5Rhythms® facilitator dedicated to the creation of physical theatre that is both interactive and transformative. 

She was born and raised in Texas where she grew up in her father’s experimental theatre company Hip Pocket Theatre. As Producing Artistic Director she has been involved in the creation of original works for 47 years. A graduate of The University of North Carolina School of the Arts theatre conservatory. Educated in both experimental and traditional theatre. She has blazed through productions in New York City from Off Broadway to fringe, as well as television and film.


Lorca followed her instincts to the unique directing vibration known as Gabrielle Roth and a 19 year creative collaboration bloomed. She studied and trained with Gabrielle from the mid-90’s and was a co-founder and a co-director of 5RT, the experimental theatre wing of the 5Rhythms world, a place she stepped into with her expansive Texan feet, collaborating on numerous original productions and international workshops. In response to Gabrielle Roth’s investigation into what it means to be an authentic human being Lorca created Live Wire 5Rhythms Theatre which is dedicated to the creation of physical theater that is both interactive and transformative. Live Wire labs: Breath in Motion, Roots, Electric Landscapes, Silhouette, Wing Span, Soul Threading, On The Verge and Soul Revival are rooted in a visionary and rigorous technique for people to become true “athletes of the heart" exploring and investigating the depths of the human spirit. 

Lorca also leads private 1:1 sessions in the zoom wing. 2021 marked the beginning of Live Wire: Listening Faces, a series of labs designed for the zoom container in collaboration with 8 international artists. 

She is committed to scattering the seeds of this transformative process. 


Irene H. Sánchez is an international 5Rythms®️ Waves & Heartbeat teacher.

Irene is Spanish, and passionate about groups, dance and rituals. She has been co-llaborating with Lorca Simons in the 5R "Live Wire" Theatre wing for over 8 years. She is Co-Director of the Redes Murcia Center (psycho-therapy, body and training) and Systemic Psycho-Body Therapist (with accredited training in Systemic Family Therapy and Grief Process). She has been practicing 5Rhythms since 2009, organizing and translating workshops, classes and retreats since 2011 and teaching in Murcia (Spain) and various corners of the world since 2014. In addition, she is a Sociologist and Master in Human Resources and a curious and restless explorer of the world of the arts, the body, music, human groups and organizations and therapy. Currently in Enneagram of Personality training.


It is understood that we are all participating at our own risks. Some people will be fully vaccinated and some will not. You will be asked to take a rapid Antigen or PCR test the day of arrival. You are welcome to wear a mask, and regulate your own safety needs.  If you feel sick before coming, we ask that you not come for everyone's sake. And please let us know if you become sick after the event, so we can do our due diligence.


Cost: $295, $350 After March 15, 2024

Support offered for LGBTQ+, BIPOC and those in need.

Please inquire with an email to Majica Alba


14 Days in advance: $75 cancellation fee.

No refunds less than 14 days from the start of the workshop.

Any paid fees, minus $75 can be applied to a future workshop. 



1425 24th Street

Sacramento, CA 95816


Friday 7:00pm-9:30pm

Saturday 11:00am-6:00pm 

Sunday 11:00am-5:00pm

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