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Acerca de

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with Majica Alba

Saturday, March 4th 

Let us step into Ceremony together. Finding the reverence in the dance. What happens when we shed each layer, tip-toeing our way in with intention and grace? In this workshop we will surrender to what happens when we dance longer than our usual two-wave dance and invite a wave after wave after wave approach. Each wave we will offer ourselves to the dance, to the beat and to the breath; and then we will explore what happens when we break through to the other side. Let us meet ourselves and each other in this ceremony to give space for whatever decides to show up. Let us peel away the layers, shed our snake-skins, old and worn and let us reveal the soft-suppleness of our fresh tender selves.

Please wear white for this workshop. 

No vaccine record needed. All are welcome. 

Cost: $95 before Jan. 4,

$120 after


Scholarships Available.

Location: CLARA Auditorium

1425 24th Street, Sacramento, CA

Time: 10am-4pm

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