Laurie Richardson

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (AMFC#114068)

Expressive Arts Therapist

Dear Clients...


Let’s sit down, giggle, talk deeply, breathe softly, meditate and have fun creating art together. The environment I strive for is one of complete authenticity, committed to your growth and unfolding, while being held in the strictest of confidence. As I see it, trust and relationship are the key to creating a successful partnership between a therapist and client. As an Expressive Arts Therapist,  I love to delve into all kinds of arts practices, which translates to cooking, gardening, dramatic arts, any kind of movement, meditation, mindfulness, every single possible modality of visual arts from sculpture, puppets and doll making, to pastels, watercolor, calligraphy, collage, mural, acrylic, fabric painting, etc. I also have experience with sandtray, cinema and book therapy and animal therapy with cats, dogs, goats and yes, chickens. One of my favorites is exploring how music and poetry can shift our self-perceptions and so, I always have my djembe drum with me in the office. Other lens that appeal to my way of working are solution-focused therapy, person-centered and Feminist-inspired Narrative Therapy. Why do I delve into so many artforms and therapeutic approaches? Because no two people are the same, nor are their modes of expression or needs are the same. Some bring out our strengths and our weaknesses, both of which can be valuable tools to help us see the many stories that make up our collective identity.


As a seasoned artist for thirty plus years, who has taught multiple grades in multiple school districts and been an art teacher at a local synagogue, CSU Sacramento and Sacramento Food Bank and Women’s Wisdom Project, I believe art has the potential to heal and help us delve into our inner depths. Given my extensive background in child development, my penchant for mindfulness and my love of all things artistic, finding the niche of being an Expressive Arts Therapist from San Francisco’s California Institute for Integral Studies was a perfect fit. Not only did I hone my therapist skills, I also practiced them in a setting rooted in social justice, where people from every walk of life began to wake up to the injustices of life in our current culture. Prior to CIIS, I earned Masters Degrees in Art and Curriculum from Sacramento State, BFA in Graphic Design and Photography from San Jose State, a Waldorf Teaching Credential from Rudolf Steiner College and a BFA in Art History from UCLA. My goal? Simple, really. Gardens in every backyard, bikes in every garage, solar panels on every roof and art supplies on every desk. In my world, imagination rules supreme! 


While my background with individual children from preschool to college is extensive, I can easily accommodate family and would welcome doing more work in a group milieu. In my school-site practicum, I specialized in helping adolescent girls acknowledge and come to grips with their family traumas. Now that I am back home in Sacramento, I am delighted to provide even more. Let’s begin with a free fifteen-minute telephone conversation to investigate if we are a positive, productive match with one another. Not all my clients do art therapy, some love to just chat, let their hair down or play games. Others do what spirit guides them to do. I look forward to hearing from you and exploring what is next. I am also bilingual in Spanish and English. Laurie is seeing clients in-person and with Telehealth. 

All My Best,


Laurie is supervised by Majica Alba, MFT, ATR (MFC#45502).

Contact Me  |  Tel: 908-442-3396