Dear Potential Clients...

Everyone has a story to tell, struggles to endure, challenges to face and I feel grateful to be a support person for fellow travelers on this incredible, and at times harrowing experience of being human. My path to becoming a counselor has been filled with adventures, some that felt wonderful and others that were seemingly unbearable to navigate.


In my own life I have utilized art, physical activity, mindfulness, spirituality, 12 Step programs of recovery, books, Waldorf education, relationships, volunteerism, therapy, outdoor adventure and more to chase my own healing and peace. Along the way I have discovered that there is no end point where I will finally be healed but there are effective habits and tools that make the journey more manageable and peaceful. One of these tools is forming a therapeutic relationship with a counselor. Each person has a unique situation. I like to tailor my approach to the individual.


My practice utilizes a variety of tools gained from research, experience, methodologies and perspectives, to help individuals become grounded in self-esteem, security and resilience. Therapy has supported me through the challenges of my life. It has enabled and empowered me and the truth of my own experience guides my practice.

All My Best,

Supervised by Majica Alba, MFT, ATR (MFC #45502)


Lara Long

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist 

(AMFT #127658)